Documents Showing Solicitor’s Negligence

1. Winning in Arbitration: The 10 Golden Rules 

2. Case Strategy Doc October 2016

3. Legal Brief from Attorney Manuel Ventura September 2012

4. Manuel Ventura Legal Opinion May 2020

5. Freshfield Brackhaus's Legal Opinion for Vannen Capital

6. David Aven Psychiatrist Report

7. David Aven Award Analysis Part 1

8. David Aven Award Analysis Part 2

9. David Aven Award Analysis Part 3

10. David Aven Comments on Ruling

11. David Aven Cross Examination Suggestions to Burn for Martinez

12. Memorandum on Malpractice Case Against Vinson and Elkins (VE) for Solicitor Negligence, Incompetance, and Lack of Duty and Care

13. David Aven vs. Vinson and Elkins Professional Negligence by David Aven

14. Most Shocking Evidence of Gross Negligence and Incompetence by VE

15. Letter to George Burn May 24, 2017

16. David Aven Phone Call of October 11, 2018 with VE Attorneys, Jim Loftis, Louise Woods, Todd Weiler

17. Memorialization Email to Jim Loftis Regarding October 11, 2018 phone call. 

18. Las Olas Appraisals on Property 2013

19. Merry Christmas Email from George Burn Former Attorney, December 18, 2018 and David Aven's Response

20. Las Olas Case Reveals Institutional Weaknesses in Environmental Protection.
By Vinicio Chacón | University of Costa Rica
September 25, 2018

21. Case of David Aven et al Against Costa Rica: Resolution in Favor of Costa Rica 
By Professor Nicolas Boegin , Law Professor at University of Costa Rica
September 21, 2018

22. David Aven Commentary on Professor Boegin Opinion Above