Cafta Case Witness Statements

Fernando Zumbado-Ex Costa Rican Housing Minister and U.N. Ambassador  Witness Statement English

Jorge Antonio Briceño Vega - Ex Auditor of the Municipality of Parrita, Puntarenas,Witness Statement Costa Rica ENGLISH-Nov.3, 2016

Briceño Vega exhibits statement ENGLISH-November 3, 2016

Nestor Morera-Expert Witness and Costa Rican Attorney 1st Witness Statement ENGLISH

Nestor Morera-Expert Witness and Costa Rican Attorney 2nd Witness Statement of ENGLISH

Professor Luis Ortiz of BLP Legal Expert Opinion Witness Statemet  ENGLISH

David Aven, US Investors Representative 1st Witness Statement of  ENGLISH

David Aven 2nd Witness Statement  ENGLISH

Jovan Damjanac, Project Site, Sales and Marketing Director Witness Statement ENGLISH

Jovan Damjanac, Project Site, Sales, Marketing Director 2nd Witness Statement ENGLISH

Esteban Bermudez First Witness Statement ENGLISH - Nov 11, 2015

Esteban Bermudez Rodriguez of DEPPAT Environmental Engineers and Consultants 2nd Witness Statement   ENGLISH - Jul. 22,2016

Hazel Diaz Melendez Witness Statement ENGLISH- April 8, 2016

Monica Vargas Quesada Witness Statement ENGLISH - April 8, 2016

Luis Martinez Witness Statement ENGLISH- April 8, 2016 

Luis Martinez Criminal proscutor 2nd Witness Statement ENGLISH - Oct 16, 2016

Julio Jurado Witness Statement  ENGLISH- April 8, 2016

Julio Jurado 2nd Witness Statement ENGLISH

Minor Arce Solano Witness Statement ENGLISH  - Nov. 23, 2015 

Gerardo Barboza Jimenez EX MINAE Witness Statement  ENGLISH - November 23, 2015

Ohren Valecourt Expert Witness Statement ENGLISH-August 3, 2016

Manuel Ventura 1st Witness Statement ENGLISH

Manuel Ventura 2nd Witness Statement ENGLISH- Jul. 26, 2016 

Compass Lexicon-Damages Expert: Abdala Testimony

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Costa Rica Environmental Agency Resolutions

SETENA Project Approval, Lawful Environmental Viability
Resolution 1597-2008