CAFTA Case Documents

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Index of Arbitration Exhibits

Costa Rica Environmental Agency Resolutions and Reports

SETENA Project Approval, Lawful Environmental Viability
Resolution 1597-2008

INTA Report Stating No Wetlands at Las Olas

Letter Memorializing Meeting with SETENA Technical Director Esau Chaves Aguilar, David Aven and Attorney Manuel Ventura present, December 7, 2012

SETENA Organic Law of the Environment

MINAE Inspection Report Stating No Environmnetal Issues at the Project Dated March 27, 2008

MINAE Inspection Report stating Project Not in Any Protected Environmental Areas April 2, 2008

Protti Geo Hydrological Inspection Report Which Was Incorrectly Cited by Respondents as Proof of Wetlands dated July 2007

SINAC Report Identifying Alleged Wetlands and Forest Coordinates May 16, 2011

SETENA Beach Club and Hotel Approval Letter dated August 23, 2011

SETENA RESOLUTION 2086 Dismissing Initial Baseless Complaint Against Project by Disgruntled Competitor Neighbor Sept. 1, 2010

SETENA Resolution2086 Above in English

MINAE/ACOPAC Letter to Hazel Diaz at Defensoria del Habitat in CR Stating There Were No Wetland Issues at Las Olas, August 27. 2010

Above Letter of August 27, 2010 in Original Form

Minor Arce Tree Report September 2010

Original Prosecutor Martinez Complaint October 21, 2011

Subsequent Judge’s Injunction Against the Project, December 2, 2012

SETENA Resolution 2850 Revoking the Shutdown of the Project in April earlier that year- November 7, 2011

Las Olas Appraisals on Property 2013

Ingeofor Forestry Report Stating No Protected Forest Existing at Las Olas

Police Report of Shooting Incident April 15, 2013

Legal Brief from Attorney Manuel Ventura September 2012

Original Prosecutor Martinez Complaint

Judge’s Injunction Against the Project