Corruption is a “Rape” of the Masses

Recently a number of Politicians in the US Congress had to resign due to sexual assaults allegations against women.  Many others have been sent to prison for that crime, as well they should. However, corruption is rape of the masses.

In reporting on David Aven et el vs The Republic of Costa Rica this reporter has read all of the written submissions by both parties and watched all the hearing videos. I have also interviewed Mr. David Aven and Mr. Jovan Damjanac for both my written reports and the documentary videos I have produced. My conclusion is without question that Mr. Aven and the US Investors were victims of governmental corruption, mainly carried out in the person of Mr. Luis Martinez who filed false charges against them as a pretext to shut the project down.  I have posted documentary videos, and other documents, on my website and I invite all to view those videos and documents. We report.  You decide.

The cost of corruption is poverty, misery and death.  It includes the very young, the very old and everyone in between. It affects every gender, every race and every lifestyle. It’s an equal opportunity offender that benefits no one, except for the people who benefit from the corruption.  A 10th of 1% causes misery for the 99 and 9/10.  When officials hear about a complaint of sexual abuse, it’s responded to immediately.  However, every day in every newspaper, on every radio station and TV station, there our story after story about corruption. But it seems and nothing is done about it.

Recently in Costa Rica there’s been a huge scandal with one of biggest national banks, BCR.  It seems that $30 million was stolen in a scheme that involved importing cement from China.  The problem was no cement was imported from China, and the banks only collateral was the non-existent China cement. Bank officials and others were fired, but as of now no one has been sent to prison. Does that make any sense? High position bureaucrats in Government, steal millions, are fired or resign, but there is no penalty? It appears that the person engaged in the corruption and crime, got a very nice pension won’t have to work ever again. Do you see anything wrong with that picture?

There is a very important election coming up in Costa Rica on February 4, 2018. In my interview with Mr. Aven, he told me he was reading about the candidates, and one by the name of Antonio Alvarez Desanti, caught his attention. Apparently the same thing happened to Mr. Desanti in Panama, that happened to Mr. Aven in Costa Rica.  Mr. Aven stated that Mr. Desanti is a businessman, and along with other investors, bought land in Panama for a real estate tourist project. However, their development was stopped by Corrupt Panamanian Government officials claiming the land was protected.  Mr. Desanti and his investors sued the Panama government for $100 million.  Mr. Aven said its ironic that the same thing happened to Mr. DeSanti and his investors in Panama, that happened to Mr. Aven and his investors in Costa Rica.  It appears, that Mr. Desanti and his investors and Mr. Aven and his investors, we’re both victims of government corruption and were defrauded by the governments of Panama and Costa Rica respectively.

Mr. Aven stated that perhaps Mr. DeSanti’s personal experience with corruption in Panama, will make him more sensitive to the corruption he will face in Costa Rica if elected President.

During Mr. Aven’s testimony at the CAFTA hearing in Washington, DC in December of 2016, he testified about Mr. Fernando Zumbado, who gave a witness statement for Mr. Aven. Mr. Zumbado and  Mr. Aven were working together to bring low income housing to the area they were going to build the Las Olas project.  At the time, in 2007, Mr. Zumbado, was Costa Rica’s housing minister and was going to run for President of Costa Rica at the next election. Mr. Zumbado was high in the polls and could have won, but his political enemies had other ideas. They filed false criminal charges against Mr. Zumbado, forcing him to resign and destroying his political ambitions.  Five years later a court ruled that he was innocent and had done nothing wrong.  Mr. Aven quoted what Mr. Zumbabo said in his witness statement, “if this kind of criminality doesn’t stop, it will ruin foreign investment in Costa Rica”.  Mr. Aven told the arbitration panel that the Government of Costa Rica, through their rogue Criminal Prosecutors, did the same thing to Mr. Zumbado that they did to him, they filed false criminal charges against them with the intent to destroy them both. The tragedy was, that the corrupt criminal prosecutors we’re both successful, so far, and have not only not been fired, but have been promoted.

Mr. Luis Martinez was transferred to Guanacaste and put in charge of rooting out corruption among low ranking government officials there.  That’s like putting a wolf in charge of guarding the chickens. 

During Mr. Martinez’s testimony at the CAFTA hearing, an arbitration ask him “looking back, was there anything you would have done differently”.  Mr. Martinez said. “no, not at all, I would have done things exactly the same. I was in strict compliance with Costa Rica Law”.  Was it in strict compliance of Costa Rica law when Mr. Martinez refused to accept exculpatory objective evidence that proved Mr. Aven committed no crime, and yet Mr. Martinez falsely charged Mr. Aven knowing he was innocent?  Was it in strict compliance with Costa Rica law when Mr. Martinez refused comply with Government orders issued by Costa Rica’s environmental agency, SETENA, that clearly stated there were no wetlands on the Las Olas Project site?

I go into detail on all of this in my documentary videos on  More on Costa Rica Corruption coming.. We Report. You Decide.  Pura Vida!